Replacement Impression Kit


With Compguards you can place an order online simply by selecting level of protection, color and logo options. The best protection possible color and logo options. The best part is the absolute best protection possible is available from the comfort of your own home! You don’t have to go to a specially trained dentist to get a high-quality custom mouthguard produced anymore.

Once your order is submitted, reviewed and processed, you will receive an Impression Kit within 3-5 business days.

Impression Kit Intructions

Your impression kit will include easy-to-follow instructions, impression putty, trays, and a pre-paid return mailer that will allow you to make an exact replica of your individual mouth and send it to us with ease.

Taking your impression is important because it allows us to make a stone model of your mouth to match your individual mouth structure. The putty impression material included in your impression kit is designed to give you a certain amount of time to complete the process and capture an exact impression of your mouth.

While the thought of taking an impression may be intimidating ? as it is an important process ? rest assured it is a simple process that takes minutes.

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