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Not Only Do Custom Moutguards offer ultimate protection, they also help elevate your game!

A Perfect Fit - The mouthguard is made from an exact mould of your mouth and teeth. Meaning it will fit you so perfectly and comfortably that you will forget you are wearing it. No need to worry about it falling out!

Higher Oxygen Intake - Our unique process allows you to have a mouthguard, which locks in place without restricting airflow.

Ultimate Protection - We use dental grade soft EVA materials, which is made to absorb shock allowing your teeth to be protected at all times.

Focus Like Never Before - No more distractions by a bad fitting, uncomfortable mouthguard. Finally, you can focus on the game.

Enhanced Performance - Now that you can finally breathe while having a mouthguard in, you will inevitably perform better.





Custom Is The Way Forward

Boil & bites just don’t do the job. They don’t fit well, don’t stay in place and tend to always somehow cut your lips and gums. Not to mention the breathing difficulties.. It doesn’t matter what brand you buy, whether you spend $5 or $50, they just aren’t fit for purpose.

Our custom mouthguards eliminate all of these problems. They are comfortable and snap into place for a nice snug fit, you’ll soon forget that you even have one in. Breathing isn’t an issue either so you don’t have to worry about your game performance, because you will be able to breathe like normal.

Communication is important in all team sports. Our custom mouthguards will allow you to speak clearly so your team can understand you and make informed decisions on the next play.